How to Utilize Organic Search Marketing

Organic search marketing is when a person does a search online and they are given a huge list of results pertaining to those keywords they input into the search box. This is big business, and discovering the right keywords is a constant struggle for many businesses, because the higher you come up in those organic search results, the more business you will be rewarded with in the long haul.

Charleston SEOHere are a few ways that people are getting their sites positioned higher in the search results brought to you from Charleston SEO kings: onQsites.

Making Use of Localized Searches
With more people making use of their mobile devices today than ever before, you better believe these folks are using the search engines several times throughout their days. People are no longer searching for Italian restaurants or movie theaters, they are searching for more localized terms like a movie theater in downtown Chicago. If you are not using these long tail localized keywords on your own website, then you are losing out a ton of potential business to your competition who are certainly making use of those terms.

Choosing Long Tail Keywords
The days of getting a website ranked with popular search terms is dead. If you owned a bowling alley and thought you could rank your website for the term bowling alley, you would be considered lucky if you broke the top 1,000,000 searches. Today the key to organic search marketing is using long tail keywords like bowling alley in San Francisco or kid friendly bowling alley in San Jose. The longer the keyword, the less competition for that search term, and the more likely you will end up close to the top of the first page.

Creating Fresh and Relevant Content
One of the ways to explode your organic search marketing efforts is to keep ahead of the curve and create new content on your website often. If you are adding fresh content that is packed with different long tail keywords, you are gong to be pushed to the top by the search engines and pass right over the competition. The more diverse the search terms, the higher your website ranks, and it also has one other benefit.

The higher your website ranks for the long tail keywords, the more likely you will start getting a boost in the more common search terms as all your rankings begin to move in a positive direction over the long term. The key is to not game the system, time will eventually allow the cream to float to the top.